The Whale Center

The Whale Centre was established in 1988 and is situated in an old fish processing warehouse at the harbour front. The Whale Centre offers a unique combination of tourism, education and research. Tourists visiting the Whale Centre or going at a Whale Safari trip are invited also to see the museum on whales, their biology, research and whaling housed at the Whale Centre. A multi media show on whales and their environment is shown several times a day.

2017-02-2414:06 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

Research projects on living whales have been an important part of the Whale Centre since the establishment in 1988 and the centre offers researchers from different universities an opportunity to stay at the centre and use the facilities connected to the centre. Biology students from all over Europe serve as naturalists on board the Whale Safari boats and this way get both training in education and research.

In the basement of the Whale Center is the Whale Museum. Entrance and guiding is included in the whale safari ticket from Whale Safari AS, but it is open for others as well and a guided tour costs 130 NOK.

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