Whale Safari

Vesterålen is located on the edge of the continental shelf, where the nutrient-rich ocean is a primary feeding ground for whales. This geographical privilege makes the area perfect for whale safaris. Here one can experience some of the world’s largest sea mammals at close range.

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From May to September, whale safaris are arranged from the port of Andenes and Stø, situated on the seaward side of Vesterålen. In the summer, the whale safaris go out to Bleiksegga. Here you will mainly see the sperm whale.

The boats used for whale safaris vary in size, fittings and motor power. One common factor for all boats and crews is that they meet the stringent requirements for government licensing. Safety and comfort are foremost. This entails that whale safaris can be completed only under suitable weather conditions.

If you plan to take the whale safari, it is recommended that you bring along warm clothing and appropriate footwear. 

During the summer season there is a great influx of whale enthusiasts, and we therefore recommend that you book your safari well in advance.

In the winter, the whales follow the herring into the fjords. Starting from october/november, the whale safari excursions will also be available during the winter months. It will be possible to see killer whales, humpbacks, (long-finned) pilot whales and fin whales. There is also a golden opportunity to observe the sea eagle in it’s natural habitat on these trips.

Listen to the singing whale here

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