Beautiful Beaches

There are few things in life more relaxing than watching waves hit the shoreline. No matter the weather conditions, the white sandy beaches in Vesterålen are definitely worth a visit.

Beautiful Beaches
2017-03-2912:09 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

Beaches in Vesterålen

Mentioned below are some of the archipelagos most sensational beaches. We highly recommend you spend some time here, whether you want to go for a swim, watch the midnight sun or just enjoy the sound of waves crashing the shore. Some of the beaches are located off the beaten track and might only be accessible by boat – a perfect excuse to rent a kayak for the day.


The following three beaches are found along the National Scenic Route at the west coast of Andøya.

Bleik Beach: In the village of Bleik is one of the longest and most spectacular beaches in Norway. With its white sands and endless dunes, it is more reminiscent of a tropical paradise than an arctic landscape. This is the perfect place to sunbath, go for a swim and enjoy the midnight sun. The landscape surrounding the beach is astonishing, and you have views both to the mountains and to Bleik Island, which is the home to the largest puffin colony in Vesterålen.  

Høyvika: Between the villages of Stave and Bleik, there is a hidden beach surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks and unspoiled nature. To access the beach, you must follow the coastal trek between the two villages. The trek is quite tough as it partly goes through scree slopes and crags. However, the sights that meet you when you get there are breath-taking. Fun fact: the beach also goes by the name Apple Beach after it graced the cover of iPad Pro some years back.

Stave Beach: Right next to the National Scenic Route you find yet another beautiful white sandy beach. This is the perfect spot to feel the ocean breeze and watch the midnight sun. In the winter season, if you are lucky, you can see northern lights dance across the night sky.

Fjærvollstranden: This easily accessible beach is located between Straume and Steine. Here you will have astonishing views of the iconic island of Gaukværøy. A tip is to go for a small hike to the Fjærvoll mountain (161 masl). At the summit you get panoramic views of the beach and Gaukværøy.

Hovden: At the end of the road at the outermost coast in Bø, a tiny fishing village appears. Here you will find no less than three magnificent sandy beaches. Among them, the Malnes beach. This is the place to go if you want peace and quiet. Here you can watch the ocean waves crash onto the shore surrounded by spectacular mountains and open sea.

Åsand: A magnificent white sanded beach well isolated from traffic and people. To reach it you must walk along the coastal trek that stretches between Spjelkvågen and Straumsjøen. After approximately 2 km, the sensational beach will reveal itself. The beach and its surroundings are breath-taking.


Taen: The recreational area of Taen is located at the outermost coast on Hadseløya, approximately 10 km from Stokmarknes. Here you will find a small charming beach concealed between the grass fields. The wildlife in the area is amazing, and you might get a glimpse of eagles hovering the mountain peaks or seals swimming in the ocean.  Next to the beach there is a shelter and bonfire site that are free for anyone to use.

Hersandvollen: A bit south of Melbu is Hersandvollen. This is a long beach with shallow water, which makes it the perfect place for kids to play or go for a swim.  


Sigerfjord Beach: In the village of Sigerfjord just a few kilometres from Sortland, you find a beach frequently used by locals. Here you can sunbath or go for a swim while you have astonishing views of the ocean and The Coastal Express.  

Holm: If you follow FV 7688 until the end, you will find a beautiful coral sanded beach. This is a wonderful spot to take a bath. If you stay throughout the evening, you get astonishing views of the midnight sun!


Sørsand: Sørsand is located at Skogsøya. This idyllic beach lies off the beaten track and is almost impossible to access without a kayak or a motorboat. You should only go here when the sea is completely calm, as the outer coast has strong currents and subsea reefs.

Skipssanden: Follow FV 7668 until it ends in Stø. After a 15-minute walk on a marked trail, this hidden gem will appear among the crags. If you follow the trail even further, you will reach a pebble beach. This is all a part of the famous “Queen’s route”.

Gisløystranda: After a 10-minute drive from Myre, you will arrive at this beautiful and easily accessible beach.  Surrounded by dunes and grass fields it is truly a magnificent place. There are plenty of facilities at the beach as parking spots, beach volleyball court and a service building with handicap toilet, changing rooms and a large living room with panoramic views of the ocean. This beach is accessible for everyone.

Hovden on a foggy day
The beach at Hovden in Bø
Statens Vegvesen
Bleikstranda on a sunny day
Ståle Jenssen
Høyvika in Andøy
Høyvika in Andøy
Kjetil Paulsen
Skipssanden is located along the popular Queen's Route