Randonee or cross-country skiing?

When the mountains in Vesterålen are covered with pure, white snow and the sun is peeking over the horizon again, then happiness is randonee from the top of the mountain all the way down to the fjord.

Skiing in Vesterålen

Skiing is fantastic - safety most important

If you are going to go randonee in the northern Norwegian mountains, it is important to be well prepared.

How is your physics and what about the equipment?

Not to mention safety in the mountains.

Listen to local mountaineers

You have many opportunities for safe trips in the mountains in Vesterålen where the terrain is not so steep that there is a risk of avalanches.

However, if you are going to drive on terrain that slopes more than 30%, you must check avalanche warnings and listen to local skiers who know the conditions well and respect nature.

Ski centre in Vesterålen

For snowboarders, there are good opportunities both on off-piste and in the slopes at Ånstadblåheia alpine centre in Sortland.

Ski equipment can be rented at the centre.

Cross-country trails

In Vesterålen, there are a number of groomed ski trails for hiking and cross-country skiing.

The longest trails are in Sortland and Hadsel municipalities, but several other municipalities have groomed trails.


The best time to go skiing in Vesterålen is February - April.

During this period, the days have again become long enough that darkness is not limiting factor.

The temperature normally also stays below freezing, so that the snow is perfect for skiing on powder slopes.

If there is snow, you will always find a safe route.

Ski and Skrei for your friends?

The best time for skiing is also the best time for deep sea winter fishing for Skrei.

What about combining summit trips in pow snow with sea fishing for Skrei during the winter holidays.

Something for you and your friends perhaps?

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