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Andøy museum

TheAndøy Museum is situated in Fyrvika cove, not far from Andenes Lighthouse and Whale Safari Andenes. An exhibition from the polar regions is on show here, with emphasis on the life of hunter Hilmar Nøis, who spent 38 winters in Spitsbergen.

27.02.201722:06 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

The museum also has an exhibition that offers insight into the unique geology of the island of Andøya. The Ramså range includes the newest rocks on land in Norway, and inside the museum you can also see a cast of the locally found fossil of an Ichthyosaurus from the Jurassic period.
“Island Museum” (Øymuseet) is part of both the Polar Museum and Artscape Nordland. German artist Raffael Rheinsberg has used a garage to display objects found during his tours of Andøya, objects that people have thrown away, or that have been washed ashore on the island. “Island Museum” confirms that Rheinsberg has rightly been referred to as an “every day archaeologist”.

In the village Risøyhamn there is a small outdoor museum with five buildings. The market “Risøyhamnmartnaden” happens here every year.

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