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Sami culture - winter

We offer our guests a unique experience of pure and authentic local Sami culture. Participate in our work with the reindeer and become familiar with a unique animal.

Sami Erfahrung
27.02.201722:06 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

See our exhibition of the sami costumes and photographs from a year of working with the reindeer. Sit by the fire in one of our Lavvo’s and enjoy a taste of Sami food, based on local traditions and raw materials. Listen to a yoik, the story of the Sami people, our culture and history.
We offer reindeer sledding or you can sit on the snowmobile, with an embedded stop where we enjoy hot drinks and dried reindeer meat. At night, you can experience the Northern Lights and the “Sami sky”, a fascinating history of whaling which takes place on the North Norwegian sky!
We have sales of some handicrafts (Sami handicrafts), the sami knives, postcards, antlers, hides and meat.

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Website: inga-sami-siida.no

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