Ringstad Sjøhus

With us in Ringstad you will experience great nature adventures. We offer a wide range of experiences - depending on what the weather and the seasons allow. During summer you can enjoy fishing in comfort and privacy, we set up the boats and the necessary equipment and training.

2017-02-2313:01 Øyvind Restad

In autumn and winter we harvest of nature's rich treasure - both bad weather and good weather is just as exciting. Be mesmerized by the light in the winter and fall of nature rich pantries in the fall, with berries and mushrooms. Discover how local produce tastes - just a few hours after they have been harvested. Ian and Ann Karina welcome you with unique knowledge about nature activities like outdoor education, nature photographing, kayaking, hiking and local traditions.

8475 Straumsjøen

Telefon: 90640591
E-post: karina@yttersiden.no
Nettside: http://www.yttersiden.no

Huset på Yttersiden
Huset på Yttersiden
Huset på Yttersiden
Huset på Yttersiden