Beach Camping & Cabins at Stave

Camping, cabins, budget apartments overlooking the ocean on the west coast of Andøya, just 15 minutes from the Whale Safari, and 10 minutes from the Puffn Safari.

2017-02-2414:06 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

Steaming 38 degree hot pools built into the landscape overlooking the ocean, each with a private veranda. Our special beach sauna allows our guests to combine sauna with swimming in the arctic ocean. Beach camping, budget apartments & cabins all on offer.

Visit to see films & photo galleries of the Hot Pools, beach camping at Stave, Whale Safari, Puffin Safari, & coastal trekking along the the Stave Coastal Trail.

Phone: +47 +47 926 01 257

Stave camping & hot pools
Stave camping & hot pools
Stave camping & hot pools