Seasafari Øksnes - Winter activities with RIB in Øksnes

The winter in Øksnes and Vesterålen is a beautiful season! We have lots og dark days, but the light sources are many and spectacular. Around 20th of January, the sun returns, the moon lights up snowy mountain peaks and the northern light shows up in the sky with its green, blue and purple colors.

Fishing trip
2018-10-2616:28 Lisa Sollie

Øksnes proves to be as beautiful in the winter as in the summer. From the middle of January to April, the famous cod arrive on the outside of Øksnes. Cod of sizes up to 50 kilos pass our areas before reaching their spawning area outside Lofoten and Vesterålen. Øksnes is actually the municipality in Norway that fish most cod in a year! Øksnes is a perfekt place to see birds and animals as the white tailed eagles, harbour seals and if we are lucky we may also see whales. Join us for unforgettable tours to sea, whether you want to fish, experience the world-famous northern light, see the bird- and animal life, go rafting or just enjoy the wonderful nature from one of our RIB boats. We drive from both Nyksund and Stø, which also offer you a place to stay and a place to eat. Read more about our activities and offers on our webpage.

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Seasafari Øksnes
Seasafari Øksnes
Seasafari Øksnes
Seasafari Øksnes