The spectacular mountain Ræka in the municipality of Sortland on Langøya is considered the most alpine mountain in Vesterålen. The mountain is located on the west side of Eidsfjorden and is 605 masl. high! To some Ræka is an unknown pearl, but it is the second most known mountain in Vesterålen, after Møysalen.

2018-05-0412:42 Lisa Sollie

The first known climb of Ræka was done in 1902 by two englishmen; T.G Ouston and H.S Mundahl.

If you are climbing Ræka you have to start in Skjerfjordeidet and the whole trip takes approx. 10-14 hours with a guide. Experienced climbers use 6-8 hours with a normal pace. For your safety it is recommended to bring an experienced guide, since the trip includes climbing. The climbing is not very advanced and it starts at 480 masl. On the top you have a view over large parts of Vesterålen.

The trip to Ræka is dependent on the seasons, going from june til september. It is also weather dependent because the mointain has to be dry and there must be a high cloud cover. If you go with a guide you do not need any climbing experience, but you should be used to mountain hiking.

Vesterålen Padle- og klatresenter (paddle and climbing center) offers a guided trip to Ræka. Contact them to book a trip you will not forget! 

Contact details:

E-mail: bent@vpks.no

Phone number: + 47 901 86 269

Have a nice climb!

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