Lars Monsen hiking in Vesterålen

In the summer of 2018, the TV-channel NRK filmed the Norwegian adventurer Lars Monsen hiking minute by minute for five days in Vesterålen. He started by doing the mountain trail of the famous Queen’s Route from Nyksund to Stø. The day after he walked the coastal trail back to Nyksund. On day 3 he hiked the magnificent Breitinden before he and his companions spent the night at Guvåghytta. The last two days he walked up to the summits of Lyngshaugtinden and Vetten.

Lars Monsen minute by minute
2018-07-1110:59 Astrid Berthinussen

The last week of July 2018, we were lucky to get a visit of Lars Monsen. He was mountain hiking in hikers’ paradise – Vesterålen.

Monsen’s hikes

His day trips lasted approximately five hours, from 11.00 to 16.00.

Day 1: Nyksund – Stø (8km) (The Queen’s Route in Øksnes)

Day 2: Stø – Nyksund (6km) (The Queen’s Route in Øksnes)

Day 3: Breitind next to Guvåg (9 km) (Bø in Vesterålen)

Day 4 and 5: Lyngshaugtinden and Vetten (15 km) (Bø in Vesterålen)

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The TV-show Sommeråpent, also joined Lars Monsen on his trips. They broadcasted live from Nyksund, Stø and at the Artscape Nordland outdoor gallery at Vinjesjøen. This resulted in a live evening show from Vesterålen five nights in a row. The purpose of the trips was to enhance Norwegians’ relationship with hiking and nature. If one wanted, it was therefore possible to join Monsen on his trips.


When it comes to what to wear, Monsen’s tip was to avoid bringing too much. What you chose to bring with you should be warm and wind protecting. One should not bring too much equipment, but pack as light as possible. Luckily the weather in Vesterålen was incredible. The sun was shining, and everyone’s clothes stayed dry.


Those who joined the trip were solely responsible for themselves. Therefore, it was important to check information regarding the trails, transport and parking in advance. In addition, you had to acquire all necessary equipment, including your own tent if you wanted to spend the night.

Help preserve nature

Lars Monsen is passionate about nature preservation. He therefore had a clear message: Do not leave anything behind. What you bring with you in the nature needs to be returned, including toilet paper. 

Read more about the trips and other information on DNT’s webpages.


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Marius Dalseg Sætre/DNT
Lisa Sollie_Visit Vesterålen
Lisa Sollie_Visit Vesterålen
Lisa Sollie_Visit Vesterålen
Lisa Sollie_Visit Vesterålen
Lisa Sollie_Visit Vesterålen