Måtind (408 masl)

Måtind in Andøy is one of the most visited mountains in Vesterålen. You get a breathtaking view of the coast and the ocean from the top. You can also look down on the beautiful beach in Høyvika.

Hike description
2018-04-1309:50 Lisa Sollie

If you are driving from Andenes, go through Bleik and continue towards Stave to get to the start of the trail. The hiking trail starts by the main road on Baugtua and it is indicated with a sign. There are not that many parking spots so make sure that your parking is safe in regards to passing traffic if you have to put your car on the side of the road.

The Måtind is 408 masl. high. As soon as you get up the hill a bit you get an amazing view. This is a medium leveled trip that takes approx. 2-3 hours for the round trip. The path is clearly visible all the way to the top. Be careful on the top of Måtind and don't go to close to the edge, the cliffs go straight down 400 meters to the ocean!

This is a fantastic hike with a view over the ocean and the beautiful Høyvika!

Bjørn Eide