The Queen's Route (Nyksund - Stø)

The Queen’s Route is a marked hiking trail between the historical fisherman’s villages Nyksund and Stø in the Vesterålen archipelago. The route is a round trip which winds its way along the coastline, the white sand beach Skipssanden, and over mountaintops 400 meters above sea level with an incredible view of the Atlantic ocean. Vesterålen has over 150 marked trails and paths.

The Queen’s Route overview:
  • 12-15 km, 5-8 hours.
  • Varied landscape with mountains, shoreline, marshland , white sand beach and stone.
  • Highest point of the hike: Finngamheia 448 masl.
  • Steep incline in some places, but clear path the whole route.
  • Accommodation possible in both Nyksund and Stø

The Queen’s route is a round trip of about 15 km which takes between 5-8 hours from start to finish. It was named after Her Majesty Queen Sonja who first did the hike in 1994. There are many points of interest along the way, with beautiful views, the white sand beach Skipssanden, the view down to the fisherman’s villages and varied paths. You can choose to start in either Nyksund or Stø, but we recommend that you always walk the mountain path towards Stø, and along the shoreline towards Nyksund due to some steep areas. The highest point on the hike is Finngamheia 448 masl. The hike is signposted with starting points and marked with the National Trekking Associations red T’s along the way.

Normal hiking gear, such as good walking shoes, is recommended due to the varied terrain. Windproof clothes are also recommended. There is no access to water on the trail, so bring plenty of water and food for the trip. You can get maps for the trail in the regional tourist information in Sortland, or get to know the route by having a look at the info boards in Stø and Nyksund.


Nyksund is a traditional fisherman’s village which slowly fell into disuse, but is now an active and creative place with artists and tourism businesses. With its colorful wharf and creative atmosphere Nyksund is a great stop on your hiking tour, or Vesterålen adventure. Huset på Skåltofta offers accommodation up to eight people in a modern house with panoramic views and everything you needs for self-catering - at the beginning of the Queens Route. Nyken Resort is also situated at the beginning of the Queens Route and offers a fully equiped apartment with two bedrooms, in scenic sorroundings. Does a hot tub, everyday luxury and relaxation sound tempting after a long day of walking? At Holmvik Brygge you can stay in apartments, rooms and try their locally sourced food. 


Myre is the modern fishin village and one of the biggest in the world on export of sea food. In downtown Myre you`ll find Myre Kysthotell as a nice base for trips, experiences and exciting excursions. The hotel has both accommodation and restaurant with local ingredients.


Stø is a small, charming and active fisherman’s village on the northernmost point of Langøya. Only a few minutes’ walk away you will find the beautiful white sand beach Skipssanden, and 15 minutes away by car is Myre harbor, the most prolific fishing harbor in Norway. 

Hikers Paradise

Vesterålen has 156 marked hiking routs. The level of difficulty varies with trails suitable for the novice and seasoned walker alike.

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