Five Recommended Hiking Trails

Vesterålen has 158 marked and signposted hiking routes. The trails are easily accessible with beautiful
views of fjords and arctic landscapes as far as the eye can see, regardless of which trail you choose. The
level of difficulty varies with trails suitable for the novice and seasoned walker alike.


This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Vesterålen. From the mountain summit you can see as far as Sweden on a clear day! On this trail you need to bring plenty of food and be in good physical condition. On the way to the summit you will pass two glaciers and some steep areas. We recommend joining a guided trip because of the length of the hike (10 hours), and because cell phone reception is limited. Black route – Very hard.


Start from the firing range or transformer station in Steine, or in Straume. The hike to Veten is a gradual incline on well-marked paths and forest roads. This hike is suitable for the whole family. At the mountain summit you will find a lovely cabin with a beautiful view down to the coast and the Norwegian Sea, including the popular photo motif of islands Gaukværøy and Litløy. The main image on the left is of the cabin at the Veten summit. Blue route – Medium.


The Queen’s Route is a 15km long marked hiking route. This 5-8 hour long round trip was in 2015 named one of the 10 Most Spectacular hikes in Norway by The trail connects the two fisherman villages of Stø and Nyksund. We recommend starting in Stø and walking along the shore towards Nyksund and then back to Stø over the mountains. The highest point of the trip is Finngamheia (448 masl), but expect a varied landscape of mountain, stone and marshland. There are some steep areas, but these are secured with rope. This trip is best suited to those in relatively good physical condition. Red Route – Hard.


Måtinden is a lovely quarter-day trip suitable for everyone. There are several starting points, all signposted with info boards, and the shortest route starts in Baugtua and takes ca. 2 hours return. Leave your car in Stavedalen, ca. 4.5 km south of Bleik. For a longer trip you can park by Vassosen and walk via Gongaksla, or walk the beachline from Bleik. Both routes take ca. 3-4 hours return. All the routes are well marked and from the summit you will get a breath taking view over Høyvika Beach on one side, and Bleik Beach on the other. Blue Route – Medium.


Steiroheia is a well-marked hike near Sortland city centre, often used for exercise by locals. You can find parking at the starting point Skibua, and simply follow the signs from there. The walk up takes ca. 1 hour. The Kvila cabin is located at the mountain summit, allowing for excellent views from both inside and outside. This walk is well suited families with small children and anyone looking for a beautiful view not too far from the city. Ask for directions in the regional tourist information office. Green route – Easy.

Ståle Jenssen
Ståle Jenssen

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