Climbing in Vesterålen

Here in Vesterålen you can find some nice spots for climbing. There is a guide under production for one of the climbing areas; Trollskåla by Taen, Hadseløya.

Hiking and climbing

From the climbing area Trollskåla you’ll get a panoramic view over the sea and Bø in Vesterålen. There are top rope anchors. Five minutes from the climbing area you’ll find parking spaces on the side of the road nearest the sea.

There is also possibilities for bouldering in the area of Taen (on the side of the road nearest to the sea). In addition there are also a couple of training fields in Straumfjord and Slottneset, Eidsfjorden.If you wish to climb during your stay in Vesterålen contact Vesterålen Klatreklubb; or visit their page on facebook.

Climbing Field:

Trollskåla – TaenStop by Taen on the west side of Hadseløya. Just above the road you can see the climbing field Trollskåla. The bolts was replaced in July 2011 and we now got 14 routes with top rope anchors – most of them bolted, while some of them have natural hedges. During summer 2011 we got a route (route 14) for children/beginners. Taen is a popular excursion spot, so why not bring some food to prepare over a bonfire after the climbing session?

Suggested grades at Trollskåla, from the left:


1 wall left side:1: grade 6- (new route) 2: grade 6 (all the way to the top) 3: grade 5 (short variant up the chimney towards the edge of the ledge)

2 wall/across towards the main wall:4: grade 5+ (the little overhang) 5: grade 7+ (overhang crack) 6: grade 8/8+ (new route) 7: grade 5- (diedre in the corner)

3 main wall8: grade 8 9: grade 8/8+ (right variant at the top of route 8) 10: grade 6- 11: grade 6 (new route) 12: grade 4+ (naturally hedged)  13: grade 5+ (naturally hedged) common with route 11 14: grade 3 (naturally hedged)

There are also bolts in Ryggedalen, Jeriko (Straumfjord) and Slåttnes. Contact for the conditions and further information about these areas. For climbing further up in the mountains you can climb the mountain Reka.

Astrid Berthinussen