Good to know

Here you can find some useful information when visiting Vesterålen.


Shops are usually open every day except Sunday from 10:00-17:00 (Thursday 10:00-18:00). Shopping centres are often open longer. In bigger towns, some supermarkets may also open on Sundays. Petrol stations and some kiosks also sell food.


You can only buy wine and spirits in the state-owned "Vinmonopolet" shops, which can be found in most towns. Almost all groceries sell beer, but please note that legally the sale of beer ends at 8pm (3pm on Saturdays, not at all on Sundays). The minimum age is 20 to buy spirits, and 18 to buy beer.


It’s best to change foreign currency into NOK before your trip, since it is not possible to do it in Vesterålen. Not many in Lofoten and Vesterålen accept EURO or other foreign currencies. Payment cards are widely used in Norway, and most shops accept credit cards such as American Express, Diners, Eurocard, Visa and MasterCard. Foreign debit cards are not widely accepted; we recommend you to use an ATM to withdraw Norwegian currency instead.


Access rights are an integral part of the Norwegian cultural heritage, and require people to respect nature and property. Wilderness is uncultivated land, i.e. most water, beach, marsh, forest and mountain areas. Cultivated land, i.e. fields, meadows, pastures, gardens, newly planted areas, courtyards, building plots and industrial areas is not covered by the right of public access. Lighting fires in woodland and open countryside between 15 April and 15 September is not allowed.

What’s the best time of year to see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are an autumn and winter phenomenon, and can only be seen in a dark and clear sky. What time of day can you see the Northern Lights? The Northern Lights can appear at any time, but they tend to be between 18.00 and 01.00 in the morning. The best chance isbetween 22.00 – 23.00 at night (in winter). 

Recovery services

• NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation). Emergency number in Norway: 08505. From abroad - tel.: +47 23 21 31 00

• Viking Recovery Service. Emergency number in Norway: 06000. From abroad - tel.: +47 22 08 60 00

• Falck Norge. Emergency number in Norway: 02222. From abroad - tel.: +47 33 13 80 80


Fire: 110 

Police: 112 

Emergency medical help: 113
The emergency helpline centres assess the situation and arrange the necessary assistance.


Cars must have headlights switched on at all times. The drinkdrivinglaws in Norway are strict. The legal limit is 0.02% blood alcohol content.