Ferry and Expressboat

After many years of depending solely on ferries and expressboats to bring both people and cargo out to the islands in Vesterålen, the archipelago was finally connected together by bridges during the 1970s. Despite being fully connected to the mainland by roads and bridges there are still plenty of ferries that can make your journey easier and faster, and sometimes even more scenic.  For ferry or expressboat schedules just press the link down below and another window with the schedule will open.

Ferry timetables
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Ferries in and around Vesterålen 

Lødingen – Bognes - Lødingen

Melbu – Fiskebøl - Melbu

Revsnes – Flesnes -Revsnes

Andenes –Gryllefjord - Andenes (Summer Ferry)

Prices Andenes - Gryllefjord - Andenes (Summer Ferry)

 Svolvær –Skutvik via Skrova (Summer Ferry)

Digermulen – Finnvik

Bodø –Moskenes – Bodø

Bodø –Værøy –Røst -Moskenes

More information about booking, ticketprices and other ferries can be found at  thn.no or  tromskortet.no


Expressboats in Vesterålen

Stokmarknes – Innlandet - Raftsundet

Myre - Skjellfjord - Myre (Øksnes Vestbygd)

Many people visiting Vesterålen choose to do a tour of the smaller islands in Øksnes Vestbygd. This is done by jumping on one of the morning boats from Myre towards Skjellfjord and then going back with the same boat from Skjellfjord later  that day.  You can choose to stay on the boat and enjoy the beautiful views from there, or you can get of the boat on on of the islands, for example, the old fishermanvillage Skipnes or the historic trading post in Tinden. 

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