The local express boat - experience the idyllic archipelago of Øksnes

Skogsøya and Vestbygda can be reached only by boat. Twice daily the express boat and local shuttle makes a round trip in the islands, departing from Myre. We strongly recommend you to take this trip if you want to experience our coastal culture up close.

Explore the archipelago by sea
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A roundtrip among the islands of Øksnes Vestbygd

One way takes 3 hours, but you may choose to disembark at one of the stops and go abourd again when the boat returns. A round trip in Vestbygda is a trip back in time, because the development in many of the small fishing communities has not been as dramatic as in the rest of society in more central areas.  

Øksnes and Tunstad

As the centre of the old Øksnes municipality, the island had all of the necessary functions: church, school, infirmary, doctor, sheriff and bank. The church dating from the 1600s is still in use. We recommend that you go ashore and take a look inside the church and the parsonage, which now serves as a camp for school children and other guests. Maybe you can cycle the short road from Øksnes to Tunstad.

Tinden and Skipnes

Tinden was a so-called «expedition» departure point for fishermen from the more inner islands. Here they had their huts during the winter fishing season. Today 12 of the buildings are listed, and they give an authentic impression of the bustling  tranding centre with roots back as far as the Middle Ages.If you prefer to spend a night or two in a natural eldorado, Skipnes is the place to stay. And if you cannot pry yourself away from Tinden and somehow miss the boat, it takes only about a half hour to make your way across the moors on foot. Skipnes is a fishing village with a relatively short history. Here there are authentic old fisherman shanties - with access to both food supplies and beverages in adition to accommodation. 

Barkestad, Finnvågan and Austringen

Barkestad is located at Dyrøya, and is a trading centre from the 1800s. Large depopulation. Finnvågan on Nærøya was earlier a church and schoool site, but is now all but totally abandoned, except for the school has been restored and is used as a very nice tourist facility with accommodation. At Austringen the houses now serve only as recreational homes.

Time table for the express boat in Øksnes Vestbygd:

Timetable: 18-866 Myre - Øksnes - Vestbygd

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