Nature Safari

The Vesterålen archipelago consists of hundreds of islands that form a fantastic skerry landscape. The terrain
varies from craggy alpine mountains to gentle, green hillsides, deep valleys, white sand beaches and narrow
fjords. Here you will encounter wild and wonderful nature with a wow-factor that will take your breath away.

Nature and wild life
2019-04-1114:52 Lisa Sollie

There are many ways to experience nature in Vesterålen. Because of the warm and nutrient-rich ocean currents from the Golf stream the region is teeming with bird life, and a uniquely varied flora. How about a seal and bird safari to the Bleiksøya and Anda Fyr bird reserves, where hundreds of thousands of seabirds nest? Vesterålen has four different bird reserves, but particularly the charismatic puffins, aka “parrot of the sea”, make for a unique safari experience. A skerry excursion where you can see the majestic white-tailed sea eagle, or a whale safari in the fjords, are also incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our local nature- and culture guides can offer a close encounter adventure with sea birds, or with the king of the forest – the moose – as the main attraction. Opportunities are as abundant as nature itself and will leave you with long-lasting memories, whether you venture out to sea or keep your feet firmly planted
on land.

Marten Bril
Marten Bril
Marten Bril
Bjørn Eide