Five Recommended Hiking Trails

In Vesterålen, you will find over 200 easily accessible mountain hikes with views of beautiful mountains and fjords as far as the eye can see.

Great Hiking Trails

5 great hikes in Vesteålen

Vesterålen is a hiker's paradise, and with well over 200 hiking trails, you really will find something for everybody. Whether you choose an easy or a demanding hike, you will be walking in beautiful surroundings with varied terrain.

Møysalen i Hadsel - 1264 masl

This is one of Vesterålen's most beautiful tours and a fantastic all-day tour. From the top you can see as far as Sweden on a clear day!

With safety in mind and a good choice of route, we recommend a guided tour. Especially with regard to passing the summit glacier where there are hidden crevasses. Parts of the tour are also without mobile phone coverage.

You pass two glaciers on the way up and there are occasionally quite steep sections.

Møysalen is Vesterålen's highest mountain and this is a very hard and demanding hike that requires good physics and ability to withstand heights.

You must bring plenty of food and drink, have good mountain shoes and plenty of varm clothes in your rucksack.

Veten i Bø - 467 masl

This is a very nice and easy day trip for the whole family with good, marked paths and forest roads.

The tour has several possible starting points, but preferably start from the shooting range or the transformer station at Steine.

At the top you will find a nice hut with a lovely view down towards the ocean. From here you have a good view of the characteristic Gaukværøy and Litløy. 

The trip is characterized as medium hard.

The Queens route in Øksnes - round trip

This is a very popular tour that has been named one of Norway's top 10 most spectacular tours by

The round trip goes between the two beautiful fishing villages of Stø and Nyksund.

It is recommended to start in Stø, walk along the shore towards Nyksundskaret and then either go down to Nyksund and then back over the mountain, or go directly back to Stø over the mountain. 

On the trip from Stø, you pass the beautiful beach Skipsanden. 

If you go down to Nyksund, the trip is about 3 km longer.  Nyksund is definitely worth a visit. A distinctive place located by the open sea and with restaurants, cafes and galleries.

The highest point on the tour is Finngamheia (448 m), but expect a varied landscape with several small mountain passages. There are some steep sections, but none exposed and the steepest sections are secured with ropes you can hold on to.

This is a great hike for those with relatively good physicks and used to mountain hikes.

The trip is approximately 14 km and is characterized as demanding due to length and some height meters along the way

Måtinden in Andøy - 408 masl

Måtiden is perhaps the most visited mountain in Andøy municipality. A nice afternoon walk with several starting points to the top, all with information boards.

The shortest route is from Baugtua and takes approx. 2 hours. Park at the top of Stavedalen about 4.5 km south of Bleik.

If you want a longer trip, you can park at Vassosen and go via Gongaksla, or you can walk the shoreline from Bleik. Both of these take approx. 3-4 hours t/r.

All hiking trails are well marked and signposted. 

At the top you get the most fantastic view. 

This tour is characterized as medium hard.

Steiroheia in Sortland - 443 moh

Steiroheia is a nice and well-marked trail near the center of Sortland.

You will find parking at the starting point Skibua and can then follow the signpost up the mountain.

The trip up takes approx. 1 hour. At the top of the mountain is the Kvila cabin where you can enjoy the view both from inside and from benches outside.

The trip is great both for families with small children and for those who want a beautiful view without having to go so far from the city. An easy trip.

Ask for maps in regional tourist information. 

Well over 200 hiking routes

Vesterålen is truly a hiker's paradise.

All over our beautiful our beautiful archipelago you'll find trails to follow no matter what type of walk you're looking for.

We warmly welcome you to Vesterålen and tours that take care of nature, wildlife and consider the locals.


Ståle Jenssen
Ståle Jenssen

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