Fishing and boating

Some of the country’s richest fishing grounds are located in Vesterålen. Traditional fishing villages are well worth a visit, whether they are old, abandoned fishing stations or newer, modern fishing ports bustling with maritime activity.


Many visitors want to come to Vesterålen precisely for the good fishing they find here. In Vesterålen we offer guided fishing outings, and many of the tourist facilities have boats for hire.

There are also many good spots where one can fish from the shoreline. The most common species are cod, coalfish, haddock and redfish, but it is also possible to catch salmon and sea trout or even a giant halibut. 

Children and adolescents younger than 16 years of age are legally entitled to a free fishing licence for inland fishing during the period 1 January to 20 August.

Fishing rights in rivers and lakes are the property of the property owners, and fishing can be done only with the consent of the landowner (for example through purchase of a local fishing licence). Fishing for salmon, sea trout and Arctic char in watercourses requires an additional licensing fee paid to the Norwegian government.