Churches in Øksnes

Øksnes has 4 churches. Two cross-churches and one long-church.

2017-02-2802:06 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre
Alsvåg Church:

Longchurch of wood, build in 1923 as a chapel. Converted in 1949 as a church. Altarpiece: Gebart from Tromsø, 1923.

Langenes Church:

Cross-Church in timber, unknown year of construction, additions 1748-1796. Altarpiece, "Crucifixion" Gottfried Ezekiel 1758.

Myre Church:

Fan-shaped concrete and glulam structures, built 1979. Altarpiece, "Apostle Symbols", Asbjørn Hagerup and Kamme Greiff, 1979.

Øksnes Church:

Cross-Church in timber, 1700s. Altarpiece: "The Savior in Gethsemane". You'll find this church at Øksnes in Skogsøya - you can take the local boat from Myre. It takes 10 minutes by boat.

Øksnes kirke
Øksnes, Skogsøya