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Churches in Vesterålen

Vesterålen has 16 churches. Not everyone is open to visitors. Please contact the tourist office if you wish to visit any of these.

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Andenes Church: Longchurch, build in 1876 of wood. Altarpiece: "The crucifix" 1400s

Bjørnskinn Church: Longchurch, build in 1884 of wood. Altarpiece: "It is complete".

Dverberg Church: Octagonal, 1843. Altarpiece: Census of Quirinius, 1843.

Fornes Church: built in 1965 of wood in Gothic style. Altarpiece: "Cross" by Kåre Lorentsen.

Bø in Vesterålen:

Bø Church: Cross-church. Built in 1824 of wood. Altarpiece: "The Crucifixion" by Godtfrid Ezekiel, 1762, Renaissance style.

Malnes Church, Eidet: Longchurch, build in 1885 of wood. Altarpiece: "Peter walking on the Sea of ​​Galilee" 1953.


Grønning Church, Bitterstad: Longchurch, build in 1966 of wood. Altarpiece: "Christ's birth", 1890.

Hadsel Church, Stokmarknes: Octagonal. Built in 1824 of wood. Altarpiece: Dutch, 1500. New Gothic style.

Hennes Church: Longchurch, build in 1992 of wood. Altarpiece: by local textile artists, 1991.

Melbu Church: Longchurch, build in 1938 of. Altarpiece: "Emmaus - Jesus in Emmaus", by Salicath, 1938.

Sand Church: Strømstad: Longchurch, build in 1912. Altarpiece: cross on the wall.


Indre Eidsfjord Church: Arbeidskirke, 1970 of wood in modern style. Altarpiece: "Jesus at the cross/empty grave" 1970.

Sigerfjord Church: Longchurch, build in 1933 of wood. Altarpiece: "Jesus at the cross" 1693.

Sortland Church: Long Cross-Church, 1901 of wood in new-gothich style. Altarpiece: "Jesus reveals himself to Tomas", August Eiebakk, approx. 1910, new-gothic style.


Alsvåg Church: Longchurch of wood, build in 1923 as a chapel. Converted in 1949 as a church. Altarpiece: Gebart from Tromsø, 1923.

Langenes Church: Cross-Church in timber, unknown year of construction, additions 1748-1796. Altarpiece, "Crucifixion" Gottfried Ezekiel 1758.

Myre Church: Fan-shaped concrete and glulam structures, built 1979. Altarpiece, "Apostle Symbols", Asbjørn Hagerup and Kamme Greiff, 1979.

Øksnes Church, Øksnes: Cross-Church in timber, 1700s. Altarpiece: "The Savior in Gethsemane".

Bø Church. © bilder.nornet.no
Langenes Church. © Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Malnes Church. © bilder.nornet.no
Melbu Church. © bilder.nornet.no