Ride a bike around Andøya

Andøya is Norway`s 10th largest island, and there are roads all around the island. This is a nice route for those who wants to ride a bike. The total lenght is about 100 km. Along the road there is a lot of things to see, and some places can be worth a stop. Whale safari Andenes has bike rental.

2018-05-1115:11 Lisa Sollie

What do you say to have a break on one of Norway`s longest sandy beaches, Bleikstranda? The white sand beach is located at Bleik and it`s about two kilometers. Stay a while at the beach and eat your lunch, enjoy the view of the ocean, or you can cool down with a swim – but keep in mind that it`s cold in the sea. You can also go for a bird safari to the Bleik island to see the puffins and other bird species out there. In the summer months the puffins are well known at the island.

You may want to ride a bike around in the town of Bleik, on the outside of Andøya, where you can still see the cluster settlement after the old fishing village. It still has it`s charm.

Andøya has many idyllic waters and rivers that can be used for fishing. Bring a fishing rod and see if you are lucky to get some fish.

Andøya is also known for it`s many marshes, and has northern Europe`s largest marsh area. Here you also can find the famous cloudberries.

If you og all the way to Andenes, it`s recommended to go on whale safari. There are two operators that offer whale watching – Sea Safari Andenes and Hvalsafari Andenes. Both have daily trips, but it`s weather permitted. Hvalsafari Andenes also serves the Whale center museum that is offers a combination of research, learning and tourism.

If you have interests for northern light, or if you want to learn (more) about it, you can go to Spaceship Aurora at Andenes and join a journey in space. This is a visitor-educational and activity center that is very educational for both young and old people. If you are in Andøy and Vesterålen at the end of August or in September you may have the opportunity to see northern light after dark.

The Norwegian scenic route Andøya runs between the open bare outer coastline of Andøya, and goes from Åkneskrysset in south to Andenes ferry port in north. The route is 51 kilometers in total. Just north of Bleik is Kleivodden. Kleivodden is a popular stop and view piont with sculptural granite stones have been sanded down and reflect both light and the sky, and can be used as seating while enjoying the view.

Between Nøss and Nordmela you can fint the natures own pulpit and altar – Bukkekjerka.

If you want a break from the bicycle you can do some hiking and og to Måtind. The path to Måtind starts at the coastal trail between Stave and Bleik. Måtid is probably the most popular and most visited mountain at Andøya. Along the way around Andøya there will be more opportunities for mountain hiking.

Hvalsafari Andenes has bike rental. You can rent bikes and other equipmens. Contact them to do reservations.

When you come to Dverberg, a stop at Alveland it`s recommented. You can find home made soaps with natural ingrediens only. Or you can eat a home made cinnamon roll. They also have rooms for rent if you want to stay longer.

Have a nice trip!       

Benjamin Antonsen
Øyvind Wold