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Travelling around by car or camper van is popular with many in Vesterålen. One can drive alongside the majestic fjords and beautiful mountains, visit the historic fishing village of Nyksund and enjoy the National Tourist Route in Andøya.

Miete ein Auto
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If you are driving to Vesterålen you can either follow the E10 main road or the E45 through Sweden to Kiruna and then cross over the border where the E10 continues out towards the Norwegian coast. Follow the E10 to Lødingen and then take the road to Sortland.

The other alternative is to follow the E6 in Norway. Driving north one comes to the ferry crossing at Bognes which goes over to Lødingen. It is also possible to follow the E6 until it meets the E10 and then take the road to Sortland at Lødingen.

Travelling from the north, an alternative can be the ferry from Gryllefjord in Senja (only in the summer) over to Andenes. It is also possible to drive to Harstad and take the ferry from Refsnes to Flesnes.

Rent a Car

There are several alternatives available for hiring a vehicle in Vesterålen and its surrounding areas. A number of car hire companies have a counter at Harstad/Narvik Evenes Airport in addition to their collect and pick-up service.

Hiring a car from both Stokmarknes Skagen and Andenes airports is also possible provided you book in advance. These same companies operate car hire throughout Vesterålen.

Avis Sortland

Website: www.avis.no

Telephone: +47 761 13 710

E-mail: sortland@avis.no

Hertz Bilutleie (Vesterålen Bil AS)

Website: www.vesteralen-bil.no / www.hertz.no

Telephone: +47 76 11 07 17

E-mail: hertz.sortland@hertz.no

Europcar Sortland (Nordvik Bilutleie As)

Website: www.europcar.com / www.nordvik.no

Telephone: +47 761 13 107

E-mail: post.sortland@toyota.no

Sortland Bruktbilutleie AS

Website: www.bilutleie.as

Telephone: +47 411 03 711

E-mail: johnny.jakobsen@vkbb.no

Remember that during the summer in the peak season, it is highly recommended to order your hire car well in advance.