Nyksund Retreat - Tailor Made Experience

Nyksund Retreat Center can offer tailor made retreats with accommodation for up to 18 guests, conference rooms, guided tours in Nyksund, gallery visits, poetic slideshows, lectures, etc. - depending on your wishes, whether you come alone or in a group with friends, colleagues, board members, or others you appreciate being with.

2019-03-2717:50 Lisa Sollie

And Nyksund has a lot to offer - whether it is art and cultural experiences, trips on the sea or along the popular hiking trail "Queen's Route" between Nyksund and Stø.
In addition, the air is clean, nature breathtaking, and no day is like another. Weather, wind and light conditions are constantly changing, making it exciting for both visitors and residents!
The hosts are the Marie Elisabeth Mjaaland couple (philosopher, priest and manager of Nyksund Retreat AS and Nyksund ART Gallery) and Svein Erik Tøien (architect and photographer).
They have lived in the old fishing village since 2012, and have restored "The Old Bakery" and Nyksund's oldest residential building (from 1881, now called "Retreatgården") with love and care to give others the opportunity to experience the inspiring and beautiful surroundings in the ocean gap.
Marie Nyksund also runs Nyksund ART Gallery for professional performing artists, and Svein Erik has the architect and photographer business NyksundARK. Together they have a lot of knowledge and experience that they like to share with others!

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Svein Erik Tøien
Svein Erik Tøien
Svein Erik Tøien
Svein Erik Tøien
Svein Erik Tøien
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Svein Erik Tøien