Nyksund history, museum and food tasting

Why is Nyksund so famous? What is special about our houses and why did people leave Nyksund? Who are the people living in Nyksund today? Why can we say that Holmvik Brygge is the oldest business in town today?

Local sightseeing
2019-12-1819:17 Lisa Sollie

An English-speaking guide will take you on a walk through Nyksund and tell more about the history of the place and life there today.

After our walk, we finish on the pier of Holmvik Brygge. Here we build a copy of a line-hooker room into a self-made “gamme”. Here in this authentic place is our fishing museum today.

We will try to prepare our own longline (get the small fish part on the hook faster than your friends!!! Who will win a secret price??? ) We learn about how our fishermen got their fish a hundred years ago, and how they do it today.

Do you know that there are different ways to dry a fish and not all dry fish are called “Stockfish”? Do you know how to make filet in the proper way? We will do it together!

Finally, we will also taste some of our Vesterålen TOP 5 local specialties, prepared in our own kitchen or smoked by one of our partners.

During the summer every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16.00. Pre-booking is needed. Minimum 5 persons, maximum 20 persons. Duration 1.5-2 hours.

Or by request all year round.

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Holmvik Brygge
Holmvik Brygge
Holmvik Brygge