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Møysalen Nationalpark

Text in english. Møysalen Nasjonalpark is fresh nature, alpine landscapes, gorgeous views and great hiking opportunities.

National Park
19.01.201712:22 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

Møysalen National Park is the third smallest national park in Norway with 51,2 square kilometers. It was established in 2003. The national park surrounds the majestic Møysalen mountain, and the nearby mountain area locally known as the Vesterålen alps. The park encompasses both marshland, rich berry-flora, to glaciers and alpine mountains. 

Several rare species of falcon, white-tailed eagles and some golden eagles live in the mountainous area, while around Øksfjorden  moose, otter, hare, weasel, mink and foxes run free in large numbers.

In the national park there are traces of both mining and historic Sami culture and structures. Read more about the national park and history of the area on miljodirektoratet.no.

Møysalen (1263 masl)

Møysalen is the highest mountain in Lofoten and Vesterålen, and the second highets mountain on an island in Norway. With it's 1262 meters the mountain is charcterized by an alpine environment, and two glaciers by the mountain summit.The Fonnisen glaciers is located just south of the Møysalen summit.  

The mountain was named after the legend of the troll maidens who were petrified and turned into Lille Møya (Little Maiden)and Store Møya (Big Maiden). The legend states that Møysalen (Maidens Saddle) is the pertified riding saddle of the two troll maidens, made by their troll father. 

Hiking in the National park

The national park and the nature conservation area surrounding it have several opportunities for hiking, but the alpine area is mainly suitable for experienced hikers. However, Møysalen is suitable for everyone to hike when accompanied by a guide from Møysalen National Park Centre. The guide makes sure everyone has a pleasant trip, and that the safety of all participants is maintained on the way up, and across the glaciers near the summit. Read more on moeysalen.no.

Sebastien Goujaud
Sebastien Goujaud
Sebastien Goujaud
Sebastien Goujaud

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