Family Bonanza

Family Holiday in vesterålen
2016-08-1210:51 Cathrine Wallstad Myhre

Spaceship Aurora

For children and youth interested in space travel, astronauts and technology a visit to the learning and experience center Spaceship Aurora would make for a fun afternoon. Go on a virtual mission in space, learn about how glaciers have shaped the Norwegian landscape in a digital sandbox and launch your very own paper-rocket in the space center among other things.

Aquaculture in Vesterålen

The Aquaculture center in Vesterålen gives visitors the opportunity to gain a unique insigt into the production of salmon and arctic char through a visit to a real fish farm. The experience center also showcases an interactive exhibitions about the history of fish farming from the pioneer era to today. It is also possible to taste and to buy smoked salmon and trout at the center. .

Family friendly Trekking & Hiking

There are more than 120 marked trekking and hiking routes in the Vesterålen region, many of which are perfect for a family day out. Find potential hiking routes on (English language choice possible in the top right corner).  The tourist information offices in Sortland and in Andenes will also be happy to help you find a trail that fits your wishes in regards to length and level of difficulty.


“There is no bad weather, only, bad clothing” is an expression we have here in the arctic north, and “Uværshula”, which translates to “Bad weather cave” is a proof of this philosophy. It is located on the Western side of Hadseløya, about 15 minutes drive from Stokmarknes. When the storm is raging and the wind is howling, the entire family can gather in the little stone cabin on the shore and watch the ocean waves hit the glass windows for a unique experience. Bring a packed lunch and a thermos on this outing.

Cycling in Vesterålen

Vesterålen is known to be a Norway in miniature with all its contrasts, and there is no better way to discover the region than from a bicycle seat. Follow routes along the open shorelines, into riveting fjords and explore the coastal culture along the way. Rent a bicycle from Corner Sport AS located in Stokmarknes and set off on a family adventure on two wheels!


Kine Johnsen /Akvakultur I Vesterålen
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