Sports diving

Vesterålen is an eldorado for divers. There is an active diving milieu with many areas throughout the region perfect for the thrilling underwater experience.


Vesterålen lies near the northern limits for crayfish, crab and lobster. Delicacies such as scallops and a wide variety of mussels are to be found on the sea floor. It can also be fun watching the lumpfish swimming amongst the seaweed, just under the tidal zone. The thick seaweed forests, the steep underwater rock faces covered by sea anemones, sponges and ascidians, and the overhanging cliffs with the large “soft coral” 'dead man's hand' are sights not to be missed.

The tidal difference in Vesterålen is approx. 2 metres and there is 5 1/2 hours between high and low tide. The direction of the current in the fjords and inlets vary with the tide.

Vebjørn karlsen