The road network on the west side of Andøya received National Tourist Route status on 30th June 2012. It stretches from the crossroads at Åknes to the quayside and ferry docking point at Andenes and is 51km long. The Andøya - Senja ferry connection is an alternative to the E6 trunk road and the Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) when travelling to and from the north.


The National Tourist Route in Andøya runs between the open, bare outer coastline, the grass covered, pointed mountain peaks and the flat cloudberry marshes further south. Only Bleik Island’s nearly perfect cone-like form breaks the endless horizon which stretches all the way to Greenland. The beach at Bleik is Norway’s longest and fills the shoes with fine, white coral sand whilst ‘Bukkekirka’ creates a group of sculptured rocks. The houses in the fishing village of Bleik (many of them old nordland houses) are built close together while further south they are built in a line looking out on to the beach.

A whale safari out to the sperm whales in Bleik’s deep waters, a bird safari to the sea gannets, sea horses and the 80,000 puffins at Bleik, kayaking, a walk around the colourful small town of Andenes, a visit to the space center at Oksebåsen and rambling along the coastal pathways up to Måltinden make the route even more memorable.

Andøya Municipal Council, together with the National Tourist Route, have provided a stopover area with a panoramic view at Kleivodden. Bukkekjerka has a Sami culture monument and the area is rich in local history. Yes, we still have roads today that are not just designed to get you from A to B in the quickest possible time. National Tourist Routes provide for an enjoyable drive through beautiful surroundings. Each of the 18 routes in Norway have their own distinctive features, character and stories to tell.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration have responsibility for the upkeep of the road network for you the traveller. They provide spectacular viewing points of fantastic scenery, roadside services, parking areas, places to sit and relax, pathways and art displays. Daring and innovative architecture in magnificent natural surroundings is NTR’s trademark. Tourist Route investment is a long term commitment.