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There are marked hiking trails throughout the entire Vesterålen area, and they may be used during both summer and winter. The routes are easily accessible and are found almost anywhere one wants to explore.

There are two marked coastal trails, each described by a separate brochure. One is located in Bø (Straumsjøen - Spjelkvågen) and the other in Andøya (Stave - Bleik). There is also a touring map with several suggested trip itineraries. The map is also very suitable for use as a road map.
There are aslo marked trails to the Norwegian Trekking Association's cabins in Vesterålen. The local hiking association has cabins both in the mountains and along the seashore. There is a sharing agreement between Vesterålen Tourism and the local hiking association. You may borrow keys to the cabins at the regioanl tourist office, Vesterålen Tourism at Sortland.
Ask for the brochures containing route suggestions and descriptions at the local tourist information. You can also visit Vesterålen Hiking Associations's website at, www.turistforeningen.no/vesteralen, if you want information about the seasonal excursion programs or the local hiking association's cabins in Vesterålen.

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© Ragnhild Gundersen

The Coastal Trail between Straumsjøen and Spjelkvågen is about 8 km long and is marked (2007). The trail runs through varied terrain and is for the most part easy hiking. At normal walking speed, with...

the Beach, © Ragnhild gundersen

The Stave – Bleik coastal trail in Andøy is one of the Coastal Trails in Vesterålen.
This is a trip with varying degrees of difficulty. The trail stretches over a distance of 9 km through a landscape ...

Stø Safari, © Stø Safari

Transportation Nyksund - Stø, Stø - Nyksund.
On request we can accomodate transportation between Nyksund and Stø, or vice verca, or other locations in the vincinity.
Maybe you have been walking the fa...

Dronningruta, © Alf Oxem - visitvesteralen.com

Dronningruta [The Queen's Route] is a marked trail about 15 km long and is a 'round trip' along the shoreline and over the mountain between Nyksund and Stø in Øksnes municipality in Vesterålen.
If yo...

At the southernmost tip of Langøya is Hallartinden (530 mas). Despite its modest height, the summit provides an excellent view towards Hadseløya, the northern part of Austvågøy and the western side of...

© bilder.nornet.no

Møysalen – selected in 2009 as Norway's Most Splendid Natural Experience.

If you are in good physical shape and have experience trekking in the mountains, this is the trip for you! The trip takes abo...

Husky-Andøy, © Husky-Andøy

We offer dog sled tours in winter and training cart tours in summer. We also offer ski tours with or without dogs (on waist belt) and hiking tours with or without dogs.

Prices in NOK

Aprox. 2 hours ...

© Vesterålen Turlag

Rising 705 mas, Kvasstinden is the highest point on Andøya. The summit can be reached from several sides; we recommend a simple route from Norddalen on the outer side of Andøya. From the main road at ...

The trip we describe here is only one of many possibilities taking Fjærvoll as your point of departure. In the area east of Fjærvollfjellet, you will find a number of well marked trails and forest roa...

Take the opportunity and join us on a hike through Andøys beautiful landscape. We guide you for a 4 hours walk in the middle of native nature full of new impressions. While we are approaching the peak...

© Andøy Friluftssenter

Take the opportunity and join us on a hike through Andøys beautiful landscape. We guide you for a 4 hours walk in the middle of native nature full of new impressions. While we are approaching the peak...

© vesterålen turlag

Skata is a chieftain among the Vesterålen mountains; with its three-edged formation, it has an identical appearance from all sides. It takes one long day to climb 736-metre-tall Skata, but you will be...

© Vesterålen Turlag

Starting from the ski cabin at Øyjorda near Straume, your trip can run across Rundtuva and Øyjordheia to Veggfjellet and Skredtinden (442 mas). The return trip runs along the ridge towards the southwe...

© vesterålen turlag

Turn off from Rv 85 at the crossroad to Osvolldalen (signposted), about 5 km south of the Sortland bridge. Follow the gravel road to the lay-by on the left side a short distance before the...

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