In quest of the northern lights

Where the action is: North Norway is the ideal location for observing the northern lights, since the so-called aurora oval runs along the coast of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark  Read more

The sun is returning to Vesterålen!

The third week of January 2017 the sun will be returning to Vesterålen. After several months of blue arctic light, Northern Lights and cold days the sun will once again shine  Read more

The Skrei fishery

For centuries, arctic cod has been the most valuable species of fish for the people of North Norway, and the winter cod fishery from January to April is the most important sea  Read more

Whale safari winter

Whale safaris are now available from November in Vesterålen The herring lures a diversity of whales and birds into the fjords. On these trips you can experience orcas,...  Read more

5 places to see the Northern Lights

It is possible to see Northern Lights on any clear night in areas with low levels of light pollution, but combining the chase for the Aurora with an activity will make the ex  Read more

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