In quest of the northern lights

Where the action is: North Norway is the ideal location for observing the northern lights, since the so-called aurora oval runs along the coast of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark  Read more

The fishing village Nyksund

Visit this beautiful old fishing village at the outside of Vesterålen, in the municipality of Øksnes  Read more

Whale safari winter

Whale safaris are now available from November in Vesterålen The herring lures a diversity of whales and birds into the fjords. On these trips you can experience orcas,...  Read more

Nature treks

There are marked hiking trails throughout the entire Vesterålen area, and they may be used during both summer and winter. The routes are easily accessible and are found...  Read more

On an exploratory trip in Vesterålen

There is always something new around every corner and over the next bridge crossing to another island here in the Vesterålen archipelago. White beaches, perfectly sculptured...  Read more
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